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If you would like to become our official distributor, or would like to buy more inventory of our products for your shop - please contact us for prices for bulk orders.


Our products have been enjoyed by many & are used during various sport and outdoor activities: backpacking, jogging, climbing, trekking, walking, biking, spinning, hiking, expeditions, urban travels, trail, running, motorcycling, school bags, camping, fishing, hunting, boating, outdoor workers, cross-country skiing, skateboarding, extreme sports, nature & beach outings. 


Our products are also used by police & military. As well as help disabled persons to stay well hydrated.


We are sure BlueDesert products would be a great additional to any line of products your might carry.


Our items are being sold via sport stores and chains, pharmacies, gas stations stores, convenience stores, mini-markets, super-markets, school stores, DIY stores, airport stores, hotel stores, tourist & beach stores, hospitals, motorcycles & auto stores, etc.



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