KeepAir™ - Created with Air 

Innovative inflatable products concept

KeepAir™ is a new patent pending concept by BlueDesert®


Innovative inflatable products concept enhanced with latest technology, KeepAir™ product lines are designed to give extra protection and insulation. Our KeepAir™ collections include cases and bags for laptops, tablets and smartphones, picnic baskets, coolers, storage units, massenger bags (that transfer into a chair and ababy changing mat) and many other designs.


KeepAir™ is meant for everyone, can be used for anything, provides comfort anywhere and is suitable for indoor & outdoor use. KeepAir™ products include air-valve for easy inflation/deflation and are made from coated nylon and polyester fabrics.


KeepAir™ product lines are made from a proprietary material and have major competitive advantages:

Impact Protection - Impact isolator, pressure dampened shock absorber

Waterproof Protection - Airtight plenum structure is by its nature water tight

Insulation - Variable plenum inflation levels allow insulation efficiency to be increased

Compressibility/Storage - Air-valve allows deflation for lowered stored volume

Durability - Coated nylon and polyester fabrics have proven more durable than reinforced PVC or neoprene

covers used by other manufacturers

Custom fit - Self-inflation allows snug, customized fit to contents

Multiuse - KeepAir™ products can also be used as lower back support cushion, seating cushion and lap pad.


With the combination of these competitive advantages and our high-quality craftsmanship and unique designs, we are able to bring to market a truly new and innovative line of products.

Collections are under Construction... But not for long


Come back soon to view our exciting and totally new collections of KeepAir products

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