Counter Display contains 72 Cap2go™ Complete units

Cap2go™ is specially shaped cap designed to seal, hang or carry standard water bottle. Cap2go™ is strong, durable, safe & waterproof. Cap2go™ is suitable for all outdoor activities.

Cleaning instructions: Cap2go may be washed and rinsed with warm water using liquid soap. Dishwasher safe. Be sure to dry your Cap2go before putting into storage.

Cap2go™ Complete - Counter Display 72 units

  • Cap2go™ Complete comes with 2 caps (1x28mm & 1x30mm) and carabiner holder.

    Colors: light green, orange, light blue, metal black
    Though caps come in few colors, we can not guarantee which combination will be available at the moment of order. If in doubt - please contact us.

    Catalog #0502
    Weight: 3.280kg

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