DriveSafe® - Car headrest drinking system for driver & passengers

Includes SmarTube® hydration system

Allows a driver to stay hydrated with hand-free drinking system while driving and giving full attention to the road.

Key features:
- mounted on the headrest of the driver's seat, facing rear passengers, or on the front passenger seat, facing the windshield
- carriers 2 standard 1.5L/2L water bottles and other beverage bottles
- fully insulated to preserve the temperature of the water (cold and warm)
- a flexible tube & a hi-flow leak-proof bite type mouthpiece for easy and convenient hands-free drinking
- a flexible stretch neoprene headrest cover easily fits all sizes of automotive headrests

DriveSafe®-Dual insulated bottle carrier(4L)

  • Capacity: Two 1.5-2.0L/50-66oz bottles, total capacity 3.0-4.0L / 100-132oz

    Colors: Actual combination of colors may vary from the images depending on stock availability. Other color combinations are -black, blue

    Catalog #0784
    Weight: 800gr

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