Counter display contains 60 units mix of small, medium and large Keep2go™ tubes - combination of cap colors and tube colors and sizes are according to availability.

Keep2go™ is the perfect solution for those easy-to-lose, hard-to-carry things – like medications, needles, liquids, coffee, and many others. Keep2go™ is super strong, portable, waterproof, compact, light weight and secure multi-purpose container.

All our products are BPA free

Cleaning instructions: Keep2go may be washed and rinsed with warm water using liquid soap. Dishwasher safe. Be sure to dry your Keep2go before putting into storage.

Keep2go™ - Counter Display 60 units

  • Keep2Go tube sizes are:
    - Small tube is 28mm in diameter, tube&cap are 11.5cm length
    - Medium tube is 30mm in diameter, tube&cap are 15cm length
    - Large tube is 28mm in diameter, tube&cap are 16.5cm length

    General Tube Colors:
    - Small tube: clear, green
    - Medium tube: blue
    - Large tube: clear, green

    Cap colors: orange, light blue, light green, metal black

    Though caps and tubes come in few colors, we can not guarantee which combination will be available at the moment of order. If in doubt - please contact us.

    Catalog #0504
    Weight: 3.250kg

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