Counter display of 12 x SmarTube® hydration system sets

SmarTube® is a simple, reliable and cost effective hydration accessory line that transforms almost any drinking bottle into on-the-move, hands-free hydration system.

SmarTube® uses the highest quality components. A top quality drinking tube fits most common outdoor and biking bottles using revolutionary, worldwide patent pending, universal, one-size-fits-all MultiCap™ bottle closure.

Cleaning instructions: SmarTube® may be washed and rinsed with warm water using liquid soap, soda bi-carbonate or denture cleaning tablets. Be sure to dry your SmarTube® before putting into storage

All our products are BPA free

SmarTube® Counter Display 12 units

  • SmarTube® hydration system set comes with 1 meter tube, on/off bite-valve, one-direction valve, 30mm cap, 28mm & 63mm adaptors to 30mm cap

    Counter display contains 12 sets of SmarTube® hydrastion systems

    Catalog #0936
    Weight: 1.50kg

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